Retail is highly competitive, often with similar stores close-by or even next-door. Finding an edge is vital if you’re to thrive as a business. So how can SMS marketing help you find new customers and encourage repeat buying?
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Using SMS for Sales Events

The biggest thing that retail stores use SMS marketing for is to alert their customers about promotions and sales.

Not only can you use SMS to tell people about discounts and special offers, but you can take it one step further and use our mobile coupons feature. This enables you to send a coupon customers can use simply by showing their mobile phone. It means that your offer can be redeemed just minutes after you send it!

Encourage Loyalty Through SMS Marketing

SMS can be used by all retail stores to gain new customers and retain customers who come in on a regular basis. Simple campaigns such as ‘buy four coffee’s get your fifth free’ will get customers coming back. Limited time specials such as ‘take your mobile to our store within 24 hours and get 50% off’ add immediacy and excitement to your sale event.

There’s no need for people to visit a website or fill in a form, they simply take their phone in-store, making taking part as easy as it possibly could be.

Which SMS is for you?

Which style of campaign suits you will depend on your store. What works for everybody is reminding your customers that your store exists! Customers easily forget in their busy lives. Why not remind them of the great hi-fi, the beautiful dress or the brilliant customer service they got through a quick SMS?

If you don’t know whether your customer likes the hi-fi, wore the dress, or felt as looked after as you intended in store – you can ask! This is a great way to gather testimonials but it goes much further. Well-crafted questions help you understand what people like about you and which products sell best. You can use this information to arrange products in store, decide what to sell and know which items to put on offer. An effective SMS campaign lets you see exactly what your customers want so you can provide it!

Mobile Phone for shopping

Large or small, SMS can work for you

For larger companies, customer satisfaction surveys let people know you care about them. But SMS marketing is affordable for everyone. Smaller stores can use SMS to impress customers by offering the same after-care and engagement as the big chain-stores.

If you’re looking to grow or want to give your sales and offers the best chance of success, contact us. Buzz MM can help you get the very best from your SMS marketing.

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