People will come to your bar or nightclub because they want a good time. SMS marketing brings some great additions that can make sure they have a great night and will remember you next time they’re thinking of where to go.

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Let SMS add to the party

Our text-to-screen feature lets people share their thoughts to a giant screen. Why not add this to a music night, karaoke or a beer tasting – to let people share their thoughts instantly. Conduct an instant poll to get votes on a quiz night or battle of the bands.

Nightclubs can let people text their vote for the next floor-filler and see live what’s coming next. This is also a great incentive for people to share their number and become part of your contact list.

Simply through the magic of SMS Marketing, you give your customers control of their own night so they truly feel part of the entertainment.

Let your pub get social and social!

Make the most of these nights by following them up. Count up the votes and let people know the next day which beer was voted the tastiest or who was voted worst singer! You can add offers too. Send the winners of your quiz night reminders of when the next quiz is happening, or send a coupon for a free beer to make sure they come along. Make the offer relevant by giving discounts on people’s favourite pint.

All these ideas can be added to with our social media integration. Let people spread the word about your club event, quiz night or just share how great they think you are. SMS marketing fits perfectly with online campaigns. Most mobiles are smart-phones, meaning you can add URLs to messages and let people click through to your site, Facebook page or Event page and build the online buzz.

Mobile phone chatting to social networks

How can you use SMS Marketing?

If you want to use SMS marketing to help maintain or grow your customer base, ask us at Buzz MM and we can guide you through the whole process – or simply do it all for you!

With coupons, social integration, quizzes and big-screen texting it’s easy to create the right mix for your venue to add excitement, involvement and something unique which will keep people coming back for more.

Find out how you can make SMS marketing work for you – just get in touch!

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