If you run a club, social group or faith organisation, SMS can help you to ensure it keeps running, attract new members and get people to events on time.
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Get Connected

Any group can use SMS in order to connect with their members. Keep everyone up-to-date on weekly news, make sure they know when you’re next meeting and encourage them to bring friends along.

Religious centres can help congregants prepare by sending this weeks hymn numbers and bible passages, or inspire people through the week with quotes and thoughts for the day.

Keep people involved

Alert your book-club to an author doing signings in the area. Let your cinema club know what’s just arrived on the big-screen. Run competitions for your chess club – who can solve this tricky move?! Let your new mum’s group know about the half-price nappies in the supermarket.

All of these things make your group feel more connected and more like an extended family. It adds value to a membership and makes people feel their subscription is worth the money.

You can also respond to events related to your group instantly. In difficult times support groups can send messages of compassion, or reminders that they are there to talk to. This can offer tremendous comfort following personal or national tragedy.

Share the good times

They can be useful for happier times too! Celebrity visits, community events, sporting triumphs – whatever relates to your group can be used as an opportunity to celebrate together.

You can even film your group and send it to all members so that the people who couldn’t  attend can see what happened.

Used effectively, mobile messaging can help generate the feeling that your group isn’t just something that happens once a week and is then forgotten. You are able to be a meaningful and useful part of your members lives throughout the week, meaning they’ll have you in mind and be all the more willing to come to your events and pay for them.

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How can you use SMS Marketing?

If you’d like to make use of SMS marketing for your social, formal or faith group, just contact Elaine and she’ll work with you to see how SMS can help.

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