Fashions come and go, but food is forever! So how can your restaurant make the best use of mobile marketing – what can it do for you?

No more quiet nights!

The greatest benefit SMS Marketing offers is speed. Imagine you have a party of 20 cancel at the last minute. Suddenly your thriving Friday night is looking very thin. No problem!

Through SMS you can contact everyone who has ever signed up, or we can bring you brand new lists of leads. As soon as your party cancels, you can create a special offer – a free bottle of wine with each meal, or dine for half-price with this coupon.

Dining at a restaurant aerial view

Help the undecided pick your restaurant

Very often people decide to go out to eat at the last minute, so why not inspire them to choose your restaurant as their destination with a tempting offer!

With SMS marketing for restaurants you should try and reflect your personality through your offers. A fast-food chain is more likely to succeed with quick, easy offers kept up-beat and simple – like two-for-one burgers. A restaurant might create more classy offers such as free wines or exclusive-dining experiences.

Smiling chefs in restaurant

Another great way to use SMS marketing for restaurants is to set up a loyalty program for customers. Loyalty programs provide an incentive for people to return.

More inventive options might be to create fun games or challenges, or tempt people to try something new. Competitions like ‘try every meal on our menu’ or ‘mystery meals’ to challenge people to eat ‘out of their comfort zone’ can add fun and some party atmosphere to a meal out.

Fast food reviews

You can also try instant feedback. Invite diners to ‘taste evenings’ with live screens showing everyone’s thoughts on your meals. We can show you how to make this live event work. Customers get a great, entertaining night out with good food. You get instant feedback to help shape your new menu for success. It’s a win-win!

SMS marketing can increase foot traffic on slow days for any place of business including businesses within the food-service industry. It can also transform a quiet night into a real event with just a sprinkle of imagination.

Find out more about how SMS can grow your business and add value for your customers. Contact Buzz MM today.

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