Did you know that we own 4 times more mobile devices than computers!? If we’re going to get the message today, it’s going to be on the move.

Why is SMS so effective?

The number of mobile devices is just one of the reasons why mobile messaging is the best way of connecting with your customers, and here are some more…

They’re instant

It’s not just about speed of delivery. Junk mail is slow and, even worse, most of it gets binned without being read. Emails take less than a minute to arrive but often get lost in the inbox. On the other hand, 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes!

Everyone gets them

If your customer has a mobile, they get your message. No need to worry about compatible systems, display formats or getting lost in junk mail. SMS is universal.


Always everywhere

Most of us pick up our phone in the morning and are not without it till we pop it on the bedside table at night. You can connect with someone any time of day, ideal for last minute offers in the nightclub or early bird shopping vouchers.

It’s quick

A text takes seconds to read and less than a minute to respond to. When it takes so little effort customer don’t get annoyed, so you can keep them informed and in a good mood!

Eco friendly phone

They’re Easy

Everyone knows how to read and write SMS. You don’t need to set-up an email client or learn a new gadget. Connecting by text is familiar for your customers.

Green Goodness

No trees are harmed in the making of your text! Nothing needs to be thrown away and just the tiniest amount of power is used, so it’s an environmentally friendly way to say hi.


SMS messages are as easily tracked as email and web visits. See who has opened you texts and who clicked on any links to understand which customers are truly engaged in your brand.

They’re cheap!

An SMS message costs pennies to send meaning it’s easy to get a great return on your investment. Even a low engagement will ensure you earn more than you pay – but BuzzMM are here to ensure your campaigns will do much better than that!

If you’d like to make use of SMS campaigns to boost your business, just contact us. You can also subscribe to our blog and get regular tips on the best use of SMS for you.

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