SMS messages reduce missed appointments, save staff time and help promote important products and information, making your work easier and more productive.

Reduce missed appointments and lost time

Appointment reminders, a paid add-on available with your Buzz MM package, is a great SMS tool for any organisation that relies on appointments. Doctors, dentists, hairdressers, therapists, sales teams who book calls, colleges and more can benefit from SMS appointment reminders.

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Text reminders help you and your clients

For doctors and other medical or care services, missed appointments can lead to wasted time, scheduling nightmares or even patients placed at risk when forgetting medications or prescriptions. A simple text the day before will help, you can even send a follow-up one or two hours before. This dramatically reduces the cost of no-shows in money and time, and helps maximise productive use of your schedule.

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For colleges or individual and home-teachers, text reminders ensure lessons take place. This is especially important if you’re a free-lance teacher, travelling to students, where the cost of people not turning up is very high.

There are benefits for your staff too. Your secretary or receptionist can get on with other tasks rather than spending hours on calls that often go unanswered. Using SMS to remind clients of their appointment is 100% reliable and fast. Simply set the reminder when you book the appointment and you know it will be sent.

Many other benefits come from SMS marketing. Medical services can send people alerts to remind of flu jabs, prescriptions reminders, even relevant messages if there is a health scare. Think of the time saved fielding calls about an outbreak that is just news-hype. One reassuring text and you’re done.

Be there between appointments

Salons and sales teams can promote offers and products, colleges can announce new courses. Anyone can request feedback via text-message for testimonials or after-care. Keeping your customers and clients involved like this keeps them coming back.

So much can be achieved through effective SMS marketing for your business. Why not contact us today and see how SMS marketing can help you. When used well, clients save far more than they spend on their SMS campaigns.

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Hope to see you again soon 🙂

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