We’re constantly told that social media is the way to engage your customers. So how does social media and email compare to SMS marketing?
Mobile phone with coupon for SMS marketing

When most people consider electronic marketing, they think of social media and email. It’s claimed that Facebook, Twitter and email reach millions of potential customers.

In truth, 84% of Facebook feeds go unseen, 71% of Tweets aren’t viewed and 88% of emails are not read. On the other hand, 98% of SMS messages are opened!

Our mobile phone is with us all the time and an SMS message is both the fastest and the most personal way to connect with your customers.

SMS Equals Speed

Prospects can be sent offers to use right away, by simply showing their phone in a store. It’s a brilliant and fast way of creating conversions and a sense of involvement.

There is so much you can do through mobile marketing. Use instant feedback to enable people to change how your campaigns or events unfold. Send coupons, redeemable within minutes using only the phone. You can manage loyalty schemes, polls, competitions and more.

Versatile and Personal

The immediacy of SMS and the customer’s ability to respond generate a true sense of being connected to your brand. Instead of feeling spammed by messages, people feel looked after and consulted.

With all the ability to target and segment of social media, combined with more personalisation and a 98% read rate – SMS has huge advantages over any other electronic marketing.

Two mobile phones communicating

How can you use SMS Marketing?

If you’d like to find out more, or learn how SMS can increase your sales and profitability, contact Elaine of Buzz MM.

You can also subscribe to our blog, where for our next few posts we’ll be looking at how to use SMS most effectively for different types of business.

Hope to see you again soon 🙂

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