Phones are also web-browsers, but laptops are also phones! Versatility is key in creating the most effective mobile messaging campaign.
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From Web to Text

When creating websites and landing pages, you can add the option for visitors to ‘click to text’ you. If they’re on their phone, it’s an intuitive and natural way to respond. A text is so much easier and faster than email so that it asks much less of your potential customer, leading to greatly improved conversion rates.

Adding extra ways of getting in touch is always good, and it only requires a single button so won’t clutter your page. Google AdWord campaigns can be tailored to include trackable numbers, enabling you to get detailed reports on the success of your SMS ‘click to text’ options.

From Text to Web

Since most phones are ‘smart’, and can surf the net, you can add URLs and clickable links to SMS messages. With one press of a finger, your audience can go online and open up the endless possibilities of the web.

You can take them to a ‘limited time’ offer, or ‘first 100 visitors get 25% off’. You can take them to the product promoted in the text so they can buy straight away. You can even take them to some funny content simply to cheer up their day, developing your relationship and improving customer loyalty.

Mobile connectivity

Whichever you choose, you can track who opened, who clicked and where they went next, to help you improve and maximise the benefits of your SMS campaigns.

Find out more

If you’d like to learn about integrating SMS ‘click to text’ buttons for your websites and landing pages, just get in touch. Buzz MM are here to take the mystery and hard work out of SMS marketing, leaving you with just the good bits!

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