SMS Marketing works, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s the experience of one of our customers to show you a real campaign and real results.

Meca Garage Xmas Campaign

Jennifer Riach is the owner of Meca garage and she explains how her campaign worked.

Buzz MM helped me create a Christmas mobile marketing campaign using an electronic coupon offering our customers 25% discount on a car service.  We chose a suitably themed ‘Santa’ redemption code.

Meca Garage Exeter

Setting up

Elaine from Buzz MM helped me to create an image and appropriate wording for the discount voucher [what we call an SMS coupon].  All we had to do was provide her with a spreadsheet of customer names and mobile numbers, which we took straight from our database.  This was uploaded onto their mobile marketing platform ready for going live.  We strategically chose a launch date, timed for the early evening when our customers were at home and could check when their car service was due. It was that simple!

Getting results

The following morning we received several telephone bookings from customers all quoting ‘Santa’ – it was quite funny!  Overall, our customers were happy to receive our promotion as a text message. They said it felt personal due to the image we used (which they straight away related to our garage).  They also loved the quirky redemption code they had to quote which got them into the seasonal spirit!

Meca Garage Exeter

Return on investment

Although the campaign targeted existing customers, we noticed two things:

  1. Customers who had services due in January/February brought them forward to take advantage of the discount offered.  This really suited us as December is traditionally a quiet month whereas the New Year gets busy again.
  2. Those customers who usually skip their car service some years, booked in to have one.

Overall, the campaign brought us in a 20% increase in work for that month.

Please sir, can I have some more!

After the success of our Christmas mobile marketing campaign, we are currently running a Spring promotion, offering a discount coupon on air conditioning repairs and servicing.

Thank you Jennifer for taking the time to share your story. As you can see, campaigns are tailored to suit you, and bring valuable business to your door.

If you have any troubles with your car, talk to Meca. If you’d like to find out how SMS will work for your business, give us a call!

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