Walk down any high street and you’ll see people glued to their phones. We have them with us all the time. What better way then to connect with your customers, or reach new customers, than through their phone?

From Local to Wordwide

You can send SMS messages to any phone, anywhere in the world. If you’re launching a national product, opening a new store in a new city or holding a large exhibition, you can invite people across the UK, even abroad. Of course you can limit yourself to a smaller area if you wish, ideal for small shops or local events.

The key is, don’t limit your thinking. SMS marketing can grow your business to the size of your imagination!

Mobile communications

A phone is more than a phone

Most phones now have email as well. You can link email, web and SMS campaigns by including URLs and links in your SMS messages. With their higher open rate it can really boost your campaign success.

mobile phones communicating

See who’s still engaged

You might have 3,000 people on your mailing list, but how many still read your mails? An SMS has a much higher ‘open rate’. Sending something simple like a discount offer can help you find out who is still loyal to your brand and who might need some encouragement to stay involved.

Keep questions simple

People rarely have time (or the desire) to fill in long questionnaires. Instead, you can set-up a series of messages to be sent over a few hours, each with a really simple answer. People can answer in their own time and are much more likely to respond.

SMS is a brilliant marketing tool that can be used by anyone in any industry. If you’d like to make use of SMS marketing for your company, or you want us to help you make use of these tips in your existing campaigns with us – just get in touch and we’ll make it happen for you.

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