Everyone has heard of Nectar points, and many of us have a card from our favourite café leading to a free coffee. Loyalty schemes are an established way to encourage repeat custom, and you too can have your very own program, however large or small your business.
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Loyalty for any business

We know SMS loyalty schemes work brilliantly for simple products such as coffee, magazines, sandwiches and small items people will need often. Simply find products which give you a good margin, and you can create your own offers.

Yet did you realise loyalty also works for services, and any business that charges per hour such as a PA, car-valeting or home tutoring? A little creative thought and you can begin to promote almost any business in new ways to attract new customers, and give current customers a reason to come back.

With an SMS loyalty program you don’t even need to print cards or buy special kit. It all works through the web and your customers phone.

Why adopt a loyalty program?

As mentioned, loyalty schemes give people a reason to come back. They could drink their coffee in any of the twenty cafes on the high street: but if they stick with you, they’ll get a free drink as thanks.

The free drink also creates positive feelings and positive associations with your store or brand, nurturing even more loyalty. People are also likely to bring friends, since they can buy them coffees and get to their freebie faster. Meanwhile, you get new customers who can also join your loyalty program. All they need is a phone.

A loyalty offer can help you move end-of-line stock. Shift poor-selling conditioner with a ‘buy four shampoos get a free conditioner’ offer. You can offer one product which encourages people to buy another: ‘your fourth meal free, and what drinks would you like?’ Promote new services by offering them as a reward for loyalty to current services: ‘get a free exhaust check with your fifth Valet service’.

Buzz MM can help you with imaginative ways of making your Loyalty program work for you.

SMS Marketing loyalty scheme mobile example

How to start your own Loyalty program.

As ever, we’re here to help. Buzz MM can discuss your program with you and then create it. If you prefer you may manage your own, all through our easy to use online platform. There’s no need for extra machines or expensive technology. Everything works from our platform and with your customer’s mobile!

If you’d like to know more, just get in touch. Look out for our next post where we’ll show you how the platform works and how easy it is to run your own SMS loyalty program.

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