Do you wonder if SMS is worth it? Big brands don’t. They know it works, and they use it. Here’s one example from Ford… you may have heard of them!

Mobile phone with car info

Good for customers, good for the business

Many Ford dealers have taken to including keywords in windows stickers on their cars. Browsing their forecourt you will see these stickers, and can send a text to the given number.

Each model has its own keyword, and when you use it, you’ll get a return text with a link to their website. The linked page has full details of the car you are looking at!

This is an extremely fast shortcut, saving customers from having to google the car, or hunt through Ford’s website. Better yet, Ford now have the potential customers number, and a record of the kind of vehicles they are interested in.

Good for conversion

If the customer doesn’t buy a car that day, Ford can notify them of new deals for the appropriate model, new models which match the specs, or offer them a test drive.

This isn’t the first time Ford have used SMS. In 2011 they managed a conversion rate of over 15% by including a “text for more info” option on their print adverts

Mobile shopping

Good for everyone!

Nor is Ford the only car company smart enough to exploit mobile marketing. Chevrolet are also using SMS, and outside of cars, Subway, Dominos, Paypal, Macy’s, Abercrombie & Fitch, Burger King, Ikea, Target, Toys R US… and many more across every range of goods and services.

Good for you

Whatever size your business, whatever your product, SMS is an effective way of increasing loyalty, sales and engagement… hundreds of huge brands know it and every small business can afford it!

If you’d like to learn more, just get in touch. You could be mobile marketing in minutes!

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