In our last post we looked at how SMS loyalty plans can bring new customers, improve repeat business and even help shift old-stock or promote new services. Here we’ll look at how easy it is to set-up and manage campaigns with Buzz MM.

Your program how you want it

Before we go into detail, rest assured that Buzz MM will help you at every stage, and can manage the entire process if you prefer. You get all the control you want.

Once you sign-up for the Buzz MM platform you’ll get access to your own SMS Loyalty Program, where you can create Kiosks and Loyalty Plans.

What’s a Kiosk?

A kiosk is simply the ‘landing page’, where customers can go to sign up with your loyalty program. Usually, it will be a simple page with a strong image and two buttons, one to sign-up and another to check their current points.

You can design your own kiosk page but all the complicated bits are done for you! All you need to do is pick an image, choose some colours and type a simple message. Job done!

Loyalty Program Example Kiosk Screen

What’s a Program?

The program is your actual SMS loyalty plan, such as ‘your fifth coffee free’, or, ‘free exhaust check with your sixth valet service’. Again the hard work is done for you. Simply choose when the program starts and ends, how many stages there are until the freebie and create your own messages if you wish.

Mobile SMS shopping and rewards metaphor

How do people sign-up?

For walk-in customers, you can send links to your Kiosk by SMS, or they can text a number to join. If you have a list of prospects, you can create an advert through our platform with the same easy steps as your Kiosk. We do the hard stuff, you just need to provide some details like the image and text.

Your sign-up advert includes a QR code if you wish, to make it super easy to get to the Kiosk. Alternatively, people can click a button or text a number and they’re in!

How do I add points?

You can ‘punch the card’ for a customer through our platform online, or through the web-optimised page on your mobile. If you can’t get to the web, you can simply send a text to your Buzz MM platform. It’s done in seconds!

How do I know it’s working

Your SMS Loyalty program includes full reports for how many people have signed up, purchases, points, redemptions… everything you need to understand what you’ve spent and the return on your investment.

Our SMS programs have proven success for increasing repeat business and generating profits well-in excess of the cost of the loyalty program (see here). That’s not even counting the extra sales which come from your newly expanded, increasingly loyal and happy customers!

If you’d like to know more, or start your own SMS Loyalty Program, contact us, we’re always happy to help.

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