While we are happy to manage your entire account, many people prefer to drive their own campaigns. SMS Marketing should be simple, even enjoyable, and we do our best to make it that way. Here’s a preview of what happens when you sign up.

Getting Started?

You will be sent login details by email and may click on the link. You may also use the ‘Login’ option on our website menu.
After logging in the first thing you will see is a helpful 2 minute video, which guides you through the essential steps for setting up your first SMS marketing campaign.
The video steps you through the basics of ‘keywords’ and ‘opt-in lists’. Don’t know what these are? Don’t worry, by the end of the first video you will.

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Help When You Need

Every option has a video icon on the button. Click this to get a simple introduction to that feature. There are even more tutorials available by clicking ‘Knowledge Base’, so plenty of help is always on-hand (and of course we are only a phone call away).

The front menu allows you to use any of the features you have chosen in your Buzz MM package. You may add pages to your website, create text messages or mobile coupons, start a loyalty program and more.

Everything is intuitive. To create a coupon, click on ‘Mobile Coupons’! It’s that easy. Where you need to fill in details there is a small ‘i’ icon with information about what you need to do.

When creating items the hard work is done for you. From Polls to Appointment Reminders, every feature can be created by just filling in some boxes and choosing from menus. You don’t need to be an artist, a computer genius or need to create clever layouts.

Complete Control

For the technical among you, every feature can be tweaked just as you want it. From unique coupon styling, to mapping your own custom domains to a mobile landing page, if you want to go deep, you can.

Either way, the Buzz MM platform will guide you, from the first login to every field and menu you will meet. Helpful tips and pre-built templates make your life easy, and your campaigns work.

Of course, should you get stuck, find you don’t have the time, or just prefer to do your job and leave SMS marketing to the experts: we are here and happy to create all aspects of your ideal mobile marketing campaign.

Why not get in touch and start winning new customer today! 🙂

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