Finding the right words for your SMS marketing campaign is an art – but a few basic rules make it easy for you to start being creative.

1. Be Prepared

The key to a good message is having the right information. When you set-up you subscribe form, make sure you ask for the customers name, and any other details which you will need to make your campaign work.
Of course you can’t ask for too much. People won’t want to share very personal information. But if your SMS campaign is aimed at pets, ask for their pet’s name and type. Then you can text a really tailored message such as ‘Hi Sam, get 25% off grooming for Fido, because dogs love pampering!’

Dog Pampering

2. Start right

Opening your text with ‘Hey Buddy’ is probably not going to be taken as a friendly hello by most people. Strangers are not your buddies. Equally, ‘Dear Client’ will switch almost anyone off. Keep it simple and pitch at the right level to show you have made an effort, without trying too hard. A simple, ‘Hi Jane’, or ‘Hello John,’ will usually do it.

3. Be relevant

Always be sure to send the right offers. If your customer signed up for news on holidays, don’t send them vouchers for shoes! The more you shape your message to the individual, the more they will feel valued and the more likely they will reciprocate by spending with you.

Click here clipboard man

4. Simple is best

The shorter the text the more likely it will be read. Get right to the point and state clearly what the offer is.

5. Add an edge

If you offer 25% off all clothes your customer might come along some time and shop. Or they might forget. But if you offer ‘25% off this week only!’ it creates a sense of urgency and means they are more likely to take up the offer. Early-bird bonuses are another good way to add excitement, such as a ‘Free gift for the first 100 customers’.

7. Schedule well

Timing makes a big difference. Make sure you send your SMS in plenty of time for your customer to be able to redeem it. You can also catch people at the right moment, like sending food offers just before lunchtime, coffee offers at 8am, or nightclub offers at 9pm on Friday. Match your timing to the mood of the offer for better conversion.

6. End right

Let them know what to do! End your text with a clear call to action, like ‘Click here to get your voucher’, or ‘come to the store today’. People are busy, so make it easy for them to know what you are offering and how they can get it.

These are just a few ideas, there are many other ways to get the perfect SMS campaign. If you’d like us to help you raise your brand awareness, win more customers or improve repeat business, simply get in touch.

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