When it comes to SMS marketing, a little incentive goes a long way to growing your subscriber lists.
Free pizza offer

The Numbers Game

Nobody runs an SMS marketing campaign just for fun. Even if it’s a quiz or game, the aim behind and campaign is to encourage more customers and increase business.

We want our SMS Marketing to attract as many people as possible, so how do we encourage people to sign-up? Let’s look at a fast-food place as an example.

A Basic Campaign

Perhaps our pizza-place has a new set of offers they want to shout about. They could send a message like this one: “Click here to hear about all our latest offers!”

Some already loyal customers might opt-in, knowing they love your pizza anyway, so why not get a bargain! But new customers are unlikely to invest because there’s nothing immediately tangible to buy in to.

A Better Campaign

A strong campaign will offer a clear incentive – something to reward our new subscribers for saying yes to our newsletter.

A stronger offer then would be like this: “Get a half-price pizza when you sign-up to our latest offers!”

Now there’s a clear benefit – sign up and tuck in! It’s been proven that adding a ‘free gift’ style offer like this increases conversions by up to 5 times!

Mobile phone and gifts

Make Me An Offer!

Take a look at your business and see what offers you can make. It’s easy if you sell small items or food, but of course you can offer a discount no matter what your product or service.

You can be creative too. An accountant might offer a free ‘mini-audit’, knowing this may lead to further business. End-of-line stock makes an ideal give-away, acting as a loss leader to bring new business.

When developing your campaigns, try and think like a customer. What would make you sign-up to your own newsletter?

Of course, Buzz MM have a wealth of experience in how to create campaigns that convert to customers, so if you’d like to grow your business, why not get in touch.

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