SMS Marketing reaches more people, but how do you make them pay attention once they’re reading? The key to a successful SMS message is to connect to your customer. Let’s have a look at how not to do it, and then how to get it right.

Don’t just say it, say it right!

Imagine receiving this text early one Monday morning: ‘Hey Party-Girl, why not bring a man to Club Fab this Friday night for nothing!’

Almost everything is wrong with this message! Let’s have a look at why, and how to make it better.


On a foggy-brained Monday morning the idea of a party probably won’t appeal. By the time it’s Friday you’ll have forgotten the text completely. Messages need to reach people at the right moment. Monday morning is the ideal time to offer 2-for-1 on a hot coffee, not a dance night!

Man confused by phone message


‘Party-Girl, bring a man’. When using SMS it’s vital to have the right information. Use peoples first name to great them, it helps them feel like they matter to you. When you ask people to sign-up to your mobile campaigns, get their details!

ALien get text just for him!


‘Party-Girl?’ Already half the population has no interest in this message. Shape your campaign to fit the maximum number. Invite people to bring their partner or friend. Now men and women, married, single, straight or gay are included in your invite.


‘Why not bring a man…for nothing’? This invites people to imagine reasons why not! Let’s remove these weak phrases and add excitement to the invite. How about this for a message:

“Hey Lisa, let’s make Free-Friend Friday amazing. Your guest gets in FREE if you arrive before 10pm tonight!”

Now it sounds like an event, there’s a time-pressure to encourage response, and we even gave our night a name to help make it memorable.

Of course you’ll need something quite different if you’re selling shoes or banking, but the principles are the same. Put yourself in the position of the customer – what would you want? Then communicate in the right tone, with clear, easy language, and a little excitement if appropriate.

No matter what business you are in, we at Buzz MM can help you communicate yourself perfectly, to engage your customers and keep them coming back.

Get in touch, and we can talk about making SMS work for you.

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