How to get more opt-ins for your SMS campaign

When it comes to SMS marketing, a little incentive goes a long way to growing your subscriber lists. The Numbers Game Nobody runs an SMS marketing campaign just for fun. Even if it’s a quiz or game, the aim behind and campaign is to encourage more customers and...

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How to create the best messages to engage your customers

Finding the right words for your SMS marketing campaign is an art - but a few basic rules make it easy for you to start being creative. 1. Be Prepared The key to a good message is having the right information. When you set-up you subscribe form, make sure you ask for...

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How the Buzz MM Loyalty program makes life easy for you

In our last post we looked at how SMS loyalty plans can bring new customers, improve repeat business and even help shift old-stock or promote new services. Here we’ll look at how easy it is to set-up and manage campaigns with Buzz MM. Your program how you want it...

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Using an SMS Loyalty Program to increase business

Everyone has heard of Nectar points, and many of us have a card from our favourite café leading to a free coffee. Loyalty schemes are an established way to encourage repeat custom, and you too can have your very own program, however large or small your business....

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Driving Engagement Through SMS Marketing

We're constantly told that social media is the way to engage your customers. So how does social media and email compare to SMS marketing? When most people consider electronic marketing, they think of social media and email. It’s claimed that Facebook, Twitter and...

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