Integrating SMS and web-based campaigns

Phones are also web-browsers, but laptops are also phones! Versatility is key in creating the most effective mobile messaging campaign. From Web to Text When creating websites and landing pages, you can add the option for visitors to ‘click to text’ you. If they’re on...

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8 reasons SMS is the best form of marketing

Did you know that we own 4 times more mobile devices than computers!? If we’re going to get the message today, it’s going to be on the move. Why is SMS so effective? The number of mobile devices is just one of the reasons why mobile messaging is the best way of...

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How to make the most of SMS Marketing for Restaurants

Fashions come and go, but food is forever! So how can your restaurant make the best use of mobile marketing – what can it do for you? No more quiet nights! The greatest benefit SMS Marketing offers is speed. Imagine you have a party of 20 cancel at the last minute....

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